Welcome to Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy

Ready, Respectful, Safe

We seek to empower pupils to transform their lives.

Ready, Respectful, Safe

We provide safe and stimulating learning environment.

A Fresh Start

Headteacher’s Welcome


Welcome to the Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy website. It will provide you with lots of interesting detail about the operation of our school and hopefully answer any questions you may have. At Bailey Street the relationships between all colleagues and between staff and pupils, is extremely special. It is the strength of these relationships that make Bailey Street the amazing provision that it is and continues its journey to be a good school that it is. There is a very strong feeling of trust throughout all stakeholders; everyone works together with a determination to raise aspirations and create positive futures.

I have always relished making a difference for those pupils who need something different; those pupils who often struggle to engage with a traditional mainstream curriculum and require additional support to help them succeed and secure outcomes that will support them in later life. Bailey Street is proud to be different. Pupils and staff are ‘ready’ to learn, ‘respectful’ and learn in a ‘safe’ environment. We serve pupils from all of the mainstream schools in Stone, Stafford and South Staffordshire.

Bailey Street provides alternative provision and education for pupils at KS3 and KS4. Pupils who not only struggle with conventional education or, due to particular challenging and often traumatic events in their lives, often need a period of time in an alternate setting. Many of the pupils who join Bailey Street have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school and perceive that they have failed. The staff are an established, highly skilled team and are committed to building positive relationships and promoting resilience in all of our pupils so that they have the opportunity to re-engage with education, take ownership of their lives, the choices that they make and ultimately succeed. Our curriculum challenges pupil’s mind-set and teaches pupils to take positives from their mistakes and how to learn from failure. Bailey Street is testament to the fact that even the most challenging and complex pupils can reach their full potential, and achieve academic success. We have extremely high aspirations for our young people and we strive to give them the education and life skills they will need to move on to the next stage of their life and their post-16 pathways.

Bailey Street is, quite simply, a unique school, an amazing alternative provision which allows pupils to reset, rebuild and succeed. We hope you find the website interesting and informative. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Miss Sonia Lockett, Headteacher

Bailey Street



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june, 2024

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