Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent and Rationale

At Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy, we understand the individual needs and challenging circumstances of all our pupils. As far as we are concerned, many of our pupils have not had very positive experiences in education and often arrive at our provision feeling disengaged and disconnected from any learning and progress. We recognise that pupils’ learning, prior to the point of them being referred, is likely to have been significantly disrupted causing gaps in their knowledge and understanding.

Our aim at Bailey Street is to provide all pupils with a completely fresh start in education. We believe that every pupil, regardless of their background of challenges, deserves an education that not only empowers them academically but also nurtures their personal growth, resilience and aspirations. Our curriculum is designed with the intent to provide a nurturing, inclusive and transformative education for every pupil. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with additional learning and intervention to promote their personal development and wellbeing skills. There are opportunities for all young people to learn and achieve, building on their existing knowledge skills and understanding to fulfil their academic potential and personal aspirations. Our ethos is grounded in in the principles of Ready, Respectful, Safe. These are the core values that guide every aspect of our educational community.

There is also a need for a flexible and personalised curriculum as pupils are with us for varying lengths of time. Some learners will have a very short time on our roll, whilst other learners may remain with us until the end of Year 11. We ensure that high quality teaching along with timely interventions promote effective learning to enhance the progress of learners. This approach helps them to progress to the next stages of their education journey from their starting point. We hold high expectations for all our pupils and are committed to equipping them for the next stage of that journey, whether it is returning to mainstream school, moving to specialist provision or transitioning to Post-16 education, employment or training.

We monitor carefully the progress, engagement and needs of all our pupils and adjust provision accordingly in consultation with their parents and carers, and when necessary, with relevant external agencies.


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