The aim of all maths teaching and learning at Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy is to ensure that all of the pupils we teach are able to gain the highest level of qualification that they can during their time with us. This means that we adopt a variety of teaching strategies that are specifically suited to the needs of individual pupils. We pride ourselves in helping pupils reach their full potential based on their level of ability and aspirations.

The Department follows the AQA syllabus for pupils aiming to gain a GCSE qualification Foundation or Higher mathematics.

Year 10 Curriculum At-A-Glance:

Standard Form WEEK 1/2
Calculating with % WEEK 3/4
Measures WEEK 4/5
Week 6 Catchup
Statistical Measure WEEK 7/8
Indices WEEK 9
Constructions and Loci WEEK 10/11
Revision & Exams WEEK 12/13
Algebra Recap & Ext WEEK 14
Congruence & Similarity WEEK 15/16
Intro into Trig WEEK 17/18
Week 19 Catchup
Further Perimeter & Area WEEK 20/21
Graphs Recap & Ext WEEK 22
Further Circumference & Area WEEK 23/24
Week 25 Catchup
Simultaneous Equations WEEK 26/27
Real Life Graphs WEEK 28/29
Week 30 Catchup
Revision / Summer Exams WEEK 31/32
Properties of Polygons WEEK 33/34
Review of Basic Probability WEEK 35
Probability WEEK 36/37
Review / Revision / Catchup

Year 11 Curriculum At-A-Glance:

Volume WEEK 1/2
Algebra: Quadratics, rearranging WEEK 3/4
Week 5 Catchup
Inequalities WEEK 6
Algebra & Graphs WEEK 7/8/9
Sketching Graphs WEEK 9/10
Revision & Exams WEEK 11/12
Direct & Inverse Proportion WEEK 13/14
Trigonometry WEEK 15/16
Week 17 Catchup
Solving quadratic equations WEEK 18/19
Quadratic Graphs WEEK 20/21
Growth & Decay WEEK 21/22
Week 23 Catchup
Vectors WEEK 24/25
Review / Revision / Catchup WEEK 26 +

In addition to GCSE Mathematics, we also offer Functional Skills Mathematics. Functional Skills are the fundamental skills that people need for their working and personal lives. Pupils can study for the qualifications in practical ways and apply core skills to real-life situations including how also how to calculate change, work out what bank statements mean, and learn about metric units of measurement. Functional skills qualifications in mathematics are available at Entry 1, Entry 2, 1 and level 2.


MyMaths is an interactive tool that can be used in the classroom and at home to consolidate learning in maths.It provides hundreds of lessons with tasks and quizzes to assess understanding of the lesson content.

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School username: circle

Careers That Require Maths:

  • Mobile application developer
  • Air traffic controller
  • Construction manager
  • Computer programmer
  • Commercial pilot
  • Computer animator
  • Registered nurse
  • Landscape designer
  • Video game designer
  • Mechanical engineering technician
  • CNC machine tool programmer
  • Architectural drafting technician
  • Electrician
  • Accountant
  • Payroll administrator
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Commercial truck driver
  • Auto mechanic
  • Optician
  • Motorcycle mechanic
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Baker
  • Hairdresser

And more!

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