PE/Sports Studies

Physical Education Mission Statement

At Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy, the goal of our Physical Education department is to enhance the learning process by making the classes enjoyable as well as educational. The most important objective is for the student to understand how important physical activity (exercise) and nutrition are to maintaining an active lifestyle throughout their life. Teamwork, social skills, and sportsmanship are also a prime focus upon during each activity. Our aim at Bailey Street Academy is to provide students chances to experience opportunities that they would not otherwise be able to access. Through Physical Education, the aim is to enhance student’s lifelong skills that they will continue to use when they leave Bailey Street.

Assessment Framework

Bailey Street Academy will provide students with the opportunity to work towards the OCR Cambridge National certificate in Physical Education. Students will demonstrate a wide array of skills throughout the course to enhance their sporting skills, along with developing understanding of the various facets that make a successful sportsman/woman. Students will also develop vital lifelong skills throughout the course, to support the quality of life after they leave school. The students will complete 4 units including:

  • Contemporary issues in sport
  • Developing Sport skills
  • Sports Leadership
  • Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities.

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Key Stage 3 Practical Overview

Sep – Oct Nov – Dec Jan – Feb Mar – April
Rock Climbing
(Table Tennis)
Football (Striking and Fielding)
Week 1 – Assessment
Week 2 – Overhead Clear Shot
Week 3 – Serving
Week 4 – Drives
Week 5 – Drop Shot/ Net Play
Week 6 – Smash
Week 7 – Game Play/ Assessment
Week 1 – Safety Procedures
Week 2 – Bottom Top Rope Climbing
Week 3 – Rope work
Week 4 – Overhang/ Mantle Shelf
Week 5 – Traversing
Week 6 – Abseiling
Week 7 – Assessment
Week 1 – Assessment
Week 2 – Dribbling
Week 3 – Passing/ Receiving
Week 4 – Shooting
Week 5 – Heading
Week 6 – Defending
Week 7 – Game Play/ Assessment
Week 1 Assessment
Week 2 – Discus
Week 3 – 100M Sprint
Week 4 – Rounders Assessment
Week 5 – Batting
Week 6 – Fielding Techniques
Week 7 – Rounders Assessment

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