Life After Bailey Street

Curriculum Area: Life After Bailey Street

Subject Leader: Miss Phung


Life After Bailey Street is a comprehensive course aimed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application by providing students with practical skills essential for their transition into adulthood. By focusing on areas such as social etiquette, financial literacy, preparation for work and personal development, the course intends to empower students to navigate the challenges and opportunities they will encounter beyond the school environment. Through experiential learning and interactive activities, students will develop the confidence and competence needed navigate various real-life situations with poise and proficiency.


The course is delivered through a combination of classroom instruction, interactive workshops, guest speakers, and experiential learning activities. Each term will be divided into modules focusing on different aspects of life skills.


The impact of Life After Bailey Street is measured through both qualitative and quantitative assessments, including pre- and post-course surveys, observation of students’ engagement and confidence levels, and feedback from students and teachers. Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate:
Improved social skills and confidence in social interactions.
Enhanced financial literacy for responsible money management.
Increased readiness for the job market with improved resume writing and interview skills.
Greater resilience and personal development, evidence by goal setting and coping strategies.

Furthermore, the long-term impact of the course will be assessed through tracking students’ progress in KS4 as well as their Post-16 status, further education enrolment and overall well-being.

By offering this course, we aim to empower students with the essential life skills needed to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the real world, ensuring their successful transition into adulthood and beyond.

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