At Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy, we offer a range of subjects and qualifications to cater to the unique needs and circumstances of our pupils. Our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic education that supports academic, personal, and social development.

Here is a brief overview of the subjects and qualifications available:

Core Subjects: We offer core subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science to ensure pupils have a strong foundation in these fundamental areas of learning.

PSHE / Life Skills: Our curriculum incudes PSHE and life skills education covering topics like mental health, financial literacy, media and digital literacy, and personal development to equip pupils with essential skills for adulthood.

Art and Design: We recognise the importance of creativity and self-expression. Thus, we offer Art and Design to encourage artistic and creative exploration.

Physical Education (PE): Physical fitness and well-being are essential aspects of a balanced education. Our PE program promotes health lifestyles and teamwork through various sports and activities.

GCSEs, Functional Skills and Entry Level Certificate: Our school provides opportunities for pupils to work towards achieving various subjects including Mathematics, English, Science, Art and Design.

Vocational Courses: We offer vocational courses that prepare pupils for practical and employment-oriented skills. This includes courses in Food Technology, Employability, Health and Social Care and Sport Studies.

Google Classroom – Remote Learning

At our school, we embrace the digital age of education by utilising Google Classroom as a powerful tool for learning.

With Google Classroom, we provide an accessible online platform that connects pupils and teachers seamlessly.

Through this platform, pupils can access assignments, learning materials, and resources form any device with an internet connection, fostering flexibility and convenience in their learning journey.

This technology empowers our pupils to take control of their education, promoting self-paced learning and enhancing their digital literacy skills, which are essential in today’s educational landscape.

To view our Google Classroom Guide for Pupils, please click here.

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