Curriculum Area: Employability

Subject Leader: Ms Roberts


Our employability curriculum is designed to empower our pupils by providing them with essential employability skills, fostering personal growth, and facilitating successful transitions into further education or the workforce. We recognise the unique challenges our pupils face and aim to equip them with the tools, knowledge and mindset required to thrive in a competitive job market. Our intent is to ensure that our pupils are well prepared for the expectations of the world of work.


We strive to implement a high-quality employability qualification through NCFE to supplement the CIAG programme within school.  Pupils in KS4 participate weekly in high quality lessons and are encouraged and supported in the following key areas:

  1. Practical Learning: Learning experiences are designed to be hands-on and practical, enabling pupils to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. Mock interviews, role-playing, and simulated workplace tasks provide a tangible understanding of workplace expectations.
  2. Guest Speakers and Industry Exposure: Inviting guest speakers from various industries and organising field visits exposes pupils to different career paths. This firsthand exposure helps them explore potential careers and understand the skills required in those fields.
  3. Career Exploration: Our curriculum guides pupils through self-assessment and career exploration activities, helping them identify their strengths, interests and potential career paths. This process empowers them to make informed decisions about their future.
  4. CV Writing and Interview Skills: Practical workshops on crafting effective CVs, cover letters, and interview techniques prepare pupils for the job application process. Individualised feedback and coaching enhance their self-presentation skills.
  5. Digital Literacy: Our curriculum includes training in basic digital skills, online etiquette, and the use of productivity tools to enhance employability.
  6. Financial Literacy: Understanding personal finance, budgeting, and managing money is vital for independent living. We provide lessons on financial literacy to ensure pupils are well-equipped to manage their finances responsibly.


By developing essential employability skills, our pupils build confidence in their abilities, fostering a positive self-image that extends beyond the workplace.  Our curriculum prepares them for smooth transitions into the workforce, further education, or vocational training, ensuring they have the tools to pursue meaningful pathways.  They also develop a wide range of transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving and adaptability, which are essential for success in any meaningful pathway.

In the last three years, at least 80% of our pupils have pursued further education and training in their Post-16 pathways.  By taking part in the employability programme, pupils are able to foster a sense of purpose of direction that supports their personal and professional development.


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