Curriculum Area: English

Subject Leader: Mr Dance


At Bailey Street, our intention is for our pupils to learn and grow, to leave school with grades that we know they are capable of achieving and above all, to become responsible citizens in society and well-rounded individuals. In English, our curriculum design ensures that learning is accessible to all and maximises learning potential of all our pupils. Pupils are encouraged to participate in group discussions, focusing on a range of topic areas and real-world events. In addition, pupils have many opportunities to discuss work they have completed in English and the progress they are making. Through the delivery of the English Language curriculum, pupils develop the capacity to succeed in a wide range of areas and achieve their ambitions for the future. In English Literature, pupils are inspired to develop an in-depth understanding of our literary heritage from centuries past and present.  Pupils learn about authors’ backgrounds, studying their craft and aiming to utilise this learning in developing their own writing style. Our pupils gain effective skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening, performing in these key areas confidently and proficiently. Staff at Bailey Street know their pupils: understanding the challenges faced and where pupils aspire to be. A big part of the developing the English curriculum is planning lessons to match the personal interests of learners and promote the understanding of current events. Our curriculum intent is to have high expectations of pupils and for every one of them to achieve their goals, by setting realistic and challenging targets. The intent that all of our pupils to leave Bailey Street with an English qualification, to develop their cultural capital and to become the best version of themselves in the future.


In English, we use a range of teaching and learning strategies to ensure pupils make progress in their learning, with an appropriate level of challenge and differentiation at the heart of everything we do. Pupils gain full access to the English National Curriculum, with Bronze, Silver and Gold differentiated lesson activities to meet their learning needs. In addition, pupils have the opportunity to take on additional challenges during lessons.

Staff use a range of strategies to enthuse and inspire our pupils; these include engaging lesson activities, group discussions and use of media. Pupils develop the core English skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This approach supports our pupils in English but also across the curriculum too. Our curriculum covers a range of different areas including reading and writing fiction and non-fiction, studying literary texts, creative and transactional writing. In reading, students develop the core skills of locating information, effects of language and structure, responding to statements made, summarising and comparing. In writing, pupils demonstrate creative and imaginative ideas and improve their technical accuracy. Complexity of skills steadily increases and regularly re-visiting key content to confirm this is secure. Real-life context and current issues is a massive part of English at Bailey Street and this empowers pupils to unite their learning with the society we live in today.

The English curriculum at Bailey Street ensures pupils enhance their personal development, and enables them to improve their English skills, which has a positive impact on cross-curricular learning.


The impact of the English Curriculum is that our pupils will make progress in the key areas of English. Teaching will demonstrate that continuous learning of key content and transferable skills are progressively developed. Pupils develop confidence in reading, writing and all other key skills in English. In Key Stage 3, pupils develop an appreciation and love of reading, understand challenging texts, read critically, write accurately and fluently, consolidate and build on grammar and vocabulary, enhance spelling, punctuation and develop their speaking and listening skills. This is developed further in Key Stage 4, where pupils learn to read with good understanding, acquire a wide vocabulary, appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage, write coherently and use discussion in order to learn effectively.

We hope that as our pupils move on from Bailey Street to further their education and learning, they take with them their creativity and passion for English and their high aspirations travel with them as they continue to grow and develop.

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