Curriculum Area: Physical Education

Subject Leader: Mrs Wood


Pupils can experience a balanced and varied curriculum by participating in a wide variety of activities covering invasion, racket, striking and fielding and athletics. They can also learn to use technical terminology with confidence and build up an extended specialist vocabulary; they can apply their mathematical knowledge to their understanding of PE, including measuring, timing, estimating and analysing data; they can develop a lifelong love of sports and physical exercise; and they can make positive informed choices around their physical and mental health, well-being and diet. Pupils can also develop their leadership qualities and skills through sport and have a sound understanding of different sports and their origins, and become familiar including British and worldwide sporting role models. Our intent is to help pupils develop a lifelong love of sport and physical education.


As a department, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of subject knowledge of Physical Education through regular training and development. We use assessment for learning to better inform our teaching practice and to cater to the individual needs of each pupil.  We encourage all pupils to use specific topic-related vocabulary. Through effective teaching of Physical Education, we aim to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in sport, health, fitness.

Pupils are provided with regular opportunities to develop strategies for reflection, questioning, and thinking. We monitor our pupils’ progress in Physical Education regularly in line with our Teaching and Learning Policy. Formative assessments and feedback are used regularly to support planning to move pupils’ learning forward.


Pupils are passionate and enthusiastic about Physical Education at the school.  There is a clear transition between KS3 Physical Education and Sport Studies.  Pupils know what is expected of them in both their work and conduct in the physical education environment.

Quality Feedback from the teacher has an impact on our pupils in Physical Education, which allows pupils to push learning on. Standards in Physical Education are on the rise in both KS3 and Sport Studies. Teacher’s judgements will be moderated internally and externally by the exam board and at trust P.E meetings. At the end of each academic year, pupils should be able to demonstrate an understanding of physical education which will be further built on overtime. Assessment and feedback will be used regularly to support the planning of P.E and to ensure that each individual pupil is pushed and challenged.


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