Sport Studies

Curriculum Area: Sport Studies

Subject Leader: Mrs Wood


The Sport Studies curriculum aims to reach the young people at Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy and connect them to the inspirational power of Sport and Physical Education so that they are enthused by the power of sport to participate both now and in the future.

Sport Studies covers a broad range of physical activities giving pupils a chance to explore a range of tactics, strategies and compositional ideas as well a chance to express their creativity and passion at each stage and reflect on their own and others performance to develop evaluative skills. Through the development of these skills, Sport Studies helps builds pupils’ confidence to participate to the best of their ability and overcome any challenge that may present itself.


A collaborative curriculum is at the epicentre of what we do as a department. This helps ensure that the needs of our pupils are met through bespoke learning journeys, schemes of work and curriculum overviews. This allows the pupils to fully explore the curriculum and give the students opportunities to revisit pervious units.

Throughout the unit of Performance and Leadership in Sports Activities, pupils learn about various roles such as a performance, coaching and officiating.  Pupils also develop skills and knowledge to lead and participate in a balanced, healthy and active lifestyles well as develop social, ethical and educational values through physical activity.

During the exam module of the course, pupils focus on contemporary issues in sport. This module allows them to explore issues that affect participation in sport.  Pupils will further develop their knowledge by understanding what sportsmanship Physical Education is and reasons for observing sporting etiquette. We develop this further by being able to use real-life examples to understand the differences between sportsmanship, gamesmanship and etiquette.


Sport Studies encourages collaboration in which pupils learn how to support each other to achieve a common goal, aiming for success and through a commitment to teamwork and inclusivity; central to being a caring human being and effective citizen. Pupils also learn Sport Studies in an environment where they feel inspired to strive for both individual and team excellence, always learning and developing the concepts of fairness and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

In learning Sport Studies, pupils experience and develop a range of life skills and values such as resilience, respect and reflection. Through developing these skills, pupils will be in a position to remain physically, mentally and socially healthy throughout their life. They will be about to connect their learning in Sport Studies to other disciplines such as Biology, therefore further understanding the human body and its limits – in essence they will understand what it means to push the boundaries of human physiology.



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