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The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a growing Multi-Academy Trust whose distinctive feature is that its existence was formed between special schools, working together with the same ethos, values and aspirations. Bailey Street Academy is proud to be part of this family of like minded schools.

Although the Trusts origins are in specialist schools, working with the most vulnerable children and young people in society, we believe our ethos, values and aspirations are equally applicable to all schools, including mainstream schools. Children should receive an excellent education and achieve the best possible outcomes whether they have special educational needs and disabilities or whether they do not. Mutual respect (the sharing of good practice and expertise- support and challenge- with high expectations) runs through all aspects of our practice.

The Trust believes schools need aspirational, progressive and resourceful leaders, who know their families and communities. Therefore, our vision is to enable schools to flourish with real autonomy, whilst ensuring a committed ethos of support and collaboration, within a strong and resilient organisational structure.

This includes a model of governance which enables schools to have a sense of belonging and a scheme of delegation which supports school improvement. The Trust makes a difference to the lives of so many children and young people, including the most vulnerable. Our growth has always been a balance, making sure we deliver the very best outcomes to the children and young people in our care today, but always considering opportunities to help more children and young people tomorrow. Therefore, the Trust will continue to grow and develop

The Trust is dynamic. We recognise that as children and young people grow, society and communities change. Local, regional and national agendas alter and the Trust has to be prepared to adapt, to ensure every child in our care continues to get the best start in life and preparation for adulthood.

The Trust believes in an education system where the strong support the developing. It is a civic responsibility. Our growth has included the sponsorship of schools who need support. A Free School, responding to emerging needs. Taking a lead role in the development of inclusive practices in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND Transformation) and improving the outcomes for children through the delivery of early intervention strategies in mainstream schools.

Any school considering joining the Manor Hall Academy Trust need to buy in to this vision. They should want to be part of and have a voice in shaping the future of something bigger. Be keen to share and work with others. Willing to give their experience and skills to the wider group. Being open and ready to account for their performance and to engage with the support the Trust can offer.

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Manor Hall Academy Trust

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