Pupil Premium

Bailey Street AP Academy is a Pupil Referral Unit / Short Stay School for children aged 11-16 years who have been referred through the Stafford and South Staffordshire District Inclusion Partnership or other professionals. Levels of attainment upon entry to the school are below average. Bailey Street is a double district Pupil Referral Unit and the catchment area, therefore, is wide with students drawn from all over Stafford and South Staffordshire.

Pupil Premium funding is a government initiative that was designed to ensure vulnerable students are able to make the same progress as other students.

Our full pupil premium report for 2022 – 2023, including but not limited to, expenditure, impact of expenditure, amount of PP allocation for the current year, and how the grant will be spent to address the barriers to achievement experienced by vulnerable learners, is detailed below.

PUPIL PREMIUM 2023 – 2024

This report outlines a summary of how Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy will spend its Pupil Premium funding allocation for the financial year 2023/24.


What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is a stream of funding that a school receives in addition to the main funding. The government believes that Pupil Premium is the best way to address the current inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM), children in care – Children Looked After (CIC/CLA) and children from service families (CSF), and their peers, by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantages reaches the pupils who need it most.

The Headteacher on behalf of the local governing body, can decide how the funding is spent and is accountable for ensuring it has maximum impact.

The school receives an allocation for children who:

· are eligible for free school meals (FSM) or have been in the past six years (Ever 6)
· are looked after by the state (CLA)
· have parents in the services

For the financial year 2023-2024, the allocation for Bailey Street is £13,455.

In addition, the school receives funding where Children in Care (CiC) are placed at the school from their home local authorities’ virtual school.

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. There is no requirement for this money to be spent on individual pupils who simply because they fall into this category. However, it is expected that the funding will be used to support, as necessary, pupils in this group so that this group has every opportunity to make the same progress as their peers.

It is important to note that it should not be assumed that all Pupil Premium students need some or all of this support. There are a number of this group of students in the college and elsewhere who are making excellent progress already, and who will need minimal support as a result.

Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy uses this funding to provide the following support structures for those pupils that need additional help in order to achieve success in line with, or better than, school and national expectations.

Financial support to ensure equal opportunities to make progress, the provision of revision and other non-essential (but desirable) learning materials and activities, trips, theatre visits and outdoor education. 1 to 1 tuition in numeracy and literacy with a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant/Teacher.


Outcomes in 2022/2023:

74% of Pupil Premium pupils were supported to access school trips, including: Residential trip to Laches Wood, day trips to Trentham Gardens, Cosford, and Manchester united Football Club.

Pupil Premium pupils have attained in line with their peer groups across the curriculum.

Uniforms were purchased for Pupil Premium pupils who were moving on to a new school.

All pupils have uniforms provided for Bailey Street.

All pupil premium pupils were offered transport to and from school who were under the 3 miles radius.

All Pupil Premium pupils entered positive destinations at the end of Year 11.

All CLA pupils received advocacy during the year at PEP and review meetings.

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