Bailey Street Alternative Provision at Rodbaston


Students arrive at Rodbaston at various points during their secondary schooling – usually as a result of their current school placement being on the verge of breaking down or having already broken down, whether through ill-health, behaviour issues or other difficulties – frequently feeling less than positive about themselves and their life chances.

Our job is to help get them back on track, either through a return to regular schooling or by completing Year 11 with us, so that they emerge prepared to make a positive contribution wherever they go next.

Rodbaston campus has an emphasis on the balance between care and education. It incorporates a blend of warmth and connection, alongside structure, and high expectations for achievement and attainment. Lessons are tailored for student’s individual social, emotional and educational needs. We aim to be both a place of safety: a home for students and an environment where students are able to learn effectively in order to be empowered to be able to make better life choices and enjoy success in the future.

Miss Sonia Lockett

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