Bailey Street AP Academy strives to educate all of its pupils within an environment where the traditions of learning, respect and community are promoted. Bailey Street AP Academy is an inclusive alternative provision establishment where diversity is celebrated.

We are committed to take into account every pupils needs and experiences. All staff such as Teaching Assistants and other more specialist staff, may be directed to work with pupils, in pairs or small groups and sometimes individually. When planning, we take into account students’ wishes, the wishes of their parents/carers balanced to the needs of the individual. Every effort will be made to educate pupils with SEN & EAL alongside their peers in the classroom setting.

The SENCo, ensures that staff members are kept up to date with teaching methods which will aid the progress of all pupils including those with SEN & EAL. Training is provided to staff on the subject of SEN & EAL during planned CPD sessions. In class provision and support staff are deployed to ensure the curriculum is differentiated appropriately. When necessary, training is provided for staff to ensure they have sufficient skills and knowledge to deliver specific interventions that pupils need.

Every pupil at Bailey Street AP Academy has their progress reviewed regularly and this information will be shared with both parents/carers and pupils. We provide a termly report to parents/carers about their child’s progress, normally towards the end of the term in order to show progress over time. Where a pupil is receiving SEN and/or EAL support, we include information during review meetings. Some SEN and EAL pupils may have more frequent reviews if they are required. Reviews involve the pupil, the family and other professionals where this is appropriate.

They are used to:

  • Discuss what is working well and not working well;
  • Find out if the provision has been delivered as planned;
  • Review the pupil’s progress towards meeting their goals and longer term outcomes;
  • Discuss and agree the support needed;
  • Share advice and information on the things that parents can do at home to reinforce or contribute to their child’s progress;
  • Identify the actions needed to meet the agreed outcomes, the responsibilities of the parent, the pupil, the school, the Local Authority and other partners.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress you should talk to us.

Please call us on : 01785 556439 and ask for Mrs S Royle SENCO or alternatively email:

What should I do if I am concerned about the school’s SEND provision?

  • Your first point of contact will always be your child’s tutor
  • You may wish to speak to the SENCo Mrs S Royle on 01785 556439
  • You may read the school’s SEND policy and the SEND School Information Report which is published on the school website
  • You may read the school’s ACCESSIBILITY plan which is published on the school website
  • You may also wish to speak to the Head Teacher. Please make an appointment to do so through the office.
  • The school has a formal complaints policy. Please contact the school office for details.

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