Values and Ethos

Mission Statement

“We make a difference”

We believe that our school should support pupils and to prepare them for the future by providing the framework of the core values, skills and knowledge that they will need to grow both socially and individually into further education and adulthood.

Our core purpose is to promote positive behaviours and provide support for young people with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, so they feel inspired and valued to transition into adulthood ensuring lifelong learning continues and is habitual. We will strive to help our pupils develop into mature, successful young adults, who are well supported by our team of staff.

Pupils should live the school’s ethos. They want to be proud of the school they attend. Every opportunity matters and should be the heart of learning.​

Our aims are:

To endeavour to transform pupils’ behaviour and motivation and to develop the whole child spiritually, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

To provide all pupils with an appropriate and considered range of opportunities for them to gain personal fulfilment through learning. thus enabling them to make a successful return to mainstream education or enter into continued education and/or employment

To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to maximise each pupils’ potential for further learning in addition to the development of employment skills

To promote the educational and social inclusion of our pupils by working in partnership with schools, parents, carers, specialist agencies and the wider community.

We do this by:

Respecting and valuing each other and in working cooperatively.

Developing an understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses and increasing self-respect and self-discipline.

Fostering an appreciation and understanding of the core values of truth, hard work, compassion and consideration.

Providing a structured and secure learning environment.

Enabling pupils to accept greater personal responsibility for their own actions and to manage their own behaviours more effectively.

Promoting opportunities for all through a challenging and appropriate curriculum.

Providing pupils with the opportunity to access nationally recognised accreditations.

“A Fresh Start”

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