Alison Cope visits our pupils

Alison Cope visits our pupils


On 07/06/2021, Alison Cope came to visit us at Bailey Street, to share her experiences of how knife crime has affected her and her family. Alison gave a poignant presentation on how knife crime is not always confined to gang/drug culture, and how her son Josh (Depzman) was fatally stabbed following a small argument over a girl. Our pupils listened attentively to the presentation, and thanked Alison for sharing her experiences with them.

Alison Cope is the mother of Joshua Ribera who was murdered in 2013. She now works tirelessly to help prevent youth violence by sharing her son’s unique life and death story to help educate young people on the realties and consequences of youth violence. Her powerful presentations convey: the importance of prevention, the emotive realisation of how choices affect loved ones and how young people retain hope for the future.

Click here to be directed to her website, for more information.

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