Chester Zoo

On Friday 2nd December 2022, Mrs Royle and Miss Meadowcroft took a group of pupils to Chester Zoo.

It was interesting to see the animals in a quiet environment as there were not many visitors on that day and we were able to have a good view and get into close proximity with a lot of the animals. As it was winter, some of the animals (such as some snakes) were in hibernation but there was still lots to see. It was quite a cold day but going into the tropical houses to see reptiles, snakes and tortoises warmed us up when we needed it.

Particular favourites were the giraffes. There was a baby giraffe and we were all surprised to see the display that showed that it was over 6ft tall when it was born! Other favourites were the penguins and the poisonous frogs. We were also interested to see the baby flamingos and that they were black and in the process of changing to pink as they got older.

We read information about natural habitats and facts about a lot of the animals and how some of the animals, including the jaguars, were at risk of extinction. We also got to practice our map reading skills trying to get to the bat cave quickly before we had to leave!

A quick visit to the gift shop, eating our packed lunches and warming up in the car before our journey back to Bailey Street was a good end to the visit.

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