Eating Healthy Week – 12-16 June 2023
This week in form time we focused on healthy eating.
During the student food lessons, we made healthy summer fruits smoothie.
Monday we focused on fibre and the importance of getting fibre into our diets.  Students designed posters using the Eatwell Plate as a guide.
Tuesday was our 5-a-day challenge where we tried to name as many fruits and vegetables using the first letter of the alphabet.
Wednesday we looked at protein and how to increase the use of pulses in our diet, especially the haricot bean (the humble baked bean).
Thursday was hydration day and the importance of having 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.
Friday both students and staff tried to name and taste 10 fruits and 3 vegetables.  Well done to those that tried new foods!
All students that participated in this week’s challenge were awarded a certificate of participation.

If you would like further information on the topics covered this week, why not visit the British Nutrition Foundation website at

Until next year, eat well, stay well.

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