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Trentham Gardens

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Trentham Gardens

On Friday 18th November pupils from Bailey Street and Henry one of our school dogs went to explore Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent.  Luckily the weather was good to us and stopped raining whilst we walked around Trentham Lake discovering different sculptures and wildlife along the way.

Our first encounter was with a large group of birds where we identified geese, swans, herons, water hens and ducks. Walking further the sculptures gave us further discussion points.  The metal water sculpture certainly gave us inspiration, with pupils discussing the waves like ‘the ups and downs of life’.

After ascending up the hill, we had great views and could see far across the lake and into the distance.

We made it to the café where we had the pleasure of a warm drink as it was just starting to rain… and to top it off – we had made it without getting wet!

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