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We Make A Difference

We seek to empower pupils to transform their lives.

We Make A Difference

We provide safe and stimulating learning environment.

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Headteacher’s Welcome


Welcome to the Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy website. It will provide you with lots of interesting detail about the operation of our school and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Bailey Street AP Academy is proud to be different. We are an Alternative Provision Academy, serving pupils from all of the mainstream schools in Stone, Stafford and South Staffordshire.

Our aim at Bailey Street AP Academy is to find increasingly better ways of supporting, motivating and inspiring our pupils to be as successful as possible in the future. Our school provides education for secondary aged pupils aged 11-16 years old.

Bailey Street AP Academy aims to be a caring, welcoming, stable and friendly. We pride ourselves on our innovative practice and welcome all pupils who are struggling with mainstream education. Our pupils come to us at various points during their secondary schooling – usually because of their previous school placement having broken down, behaviour issues or other difficulties – frequently feeling less than positive about themselves and their life chances. Our job is to help get them back on track; we will strive to bring the best out of our pupils, either through a return to regular schooling or by completing Year 11 with us, so that they emerge prepared to make a positive contribution wherever they go next.

Our school staff team is an established, highly skilled team. All of the staff are hardworking, extremely dedicated and place the needs of the pupils at the heart of everything that they do.

There are photos in our galleries of the facilities, so please take a moment to enjoy them. They are proof of our children’s endless capacity to improve and to overcome their problems, when given the right help.

We hope you find the website interesting and informative. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Miss Sonia Lockett, Headteacher

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