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At Bailey Street we understand that career guidance is vital to help our pupils make the best choices for their future and fulfil their potential. Our career programme has two main objectives- qualification attainment and developing the skill set required for positive progression into further education, apprenticeships and employment.

Our programme covers Y7 to Y11 and is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance. We believe that giving students the best careers education and guidance is vital to improving their motivation to learn and help them to achieve.

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Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy Careers Programme


We want to ensure all our pupils have good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. Our carefully selected Alternative Provisions and Enrichment Programmes give pupils an insight into the wide range of careers available as well as the opportunity to develop hands on experience and learn to complete tasks to industry standards.

Within the school curriculum, pupils learn about employability skills, CV writing, interview skills and techniques.  Our Careers Advisor from Entrust, Yvonne Knight, also offers personal guidance to all pupils – this includes working with individual pupils in Years 10 and 11 to help them with apply for appropriate Post 16 provision.  In addition, pupils have an assigned member of staff who takes responsibility to ensure that advise and support is tailored to their individual needs and to assist them to make aspirational, realistic and informed choices; develop the skills to achieve their personal best and to ensure that they are prepared for post 16 pathways and the world of work.

In July 2022, more than half of our Year 11 cohort had already been accepted onto Post-16 courses, further education, or apprenticeships. For our pupils who have decided on college as a Post-16 option, they attend centres such as Stafford College, Wolverhampton College, South Staffordshire College. Pupils who decide upon apprenticeship routes complete courses in vocations such as plumbing, landscaping and hair and beauty.



In 2022, regular careers guidance and bespoke action plans supported at least 70% of Year 11 learners transition to Post-16 provision successfully.  A majority of learners secured a placement in a Level 1 or Level 2 college course.

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How Bailey Street Measures and Assesses Impact of the Careers Programme


Bailey Street Alternative Provision Academy measures the impact of the careers programme in a number of ways.

The first measure is the number of Year 11 students that are declared ‘Not in education, Employment or training’ (NEET) at the end of the academic year. The effectiveness of the careers programme is continually under review and modifications are made where necessary, to ensure that all students have quality information to make the best decision for the future.

The comparison of NEET figures from previous years allows the school to make informed judgments whether the career programme has been effective and provides an opportunity to reflect how to improve the programme for the following academic year.

Finally, the school also measures the impact of the careers programme with the opportunities the students have to access a wide range of potential career routes. If the students are exposed to a multitude of potential career routes, they will have the best chance of choosing the most suitable career path for themselves.

As at October 2022, 4 out of 14 (29%) of our 2021-2022 Year 11 leavers are currently NEET.
See below for the previous School Leaver Activity Survey 2021. 
Next full careers programme review – September 2023.

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